Why punters should not chase losses

When betting on womens footy events, a punter will either win or lose a bet. It always feels great when a punter wins but losses can be very difficult to swallow. One thing about losses is that they are inevitable. The most important thing when betting on womens footy events is for punters to avoid chasing losses. Chasing losses is a scenario whereby a punter tries to recover the money lost on previous wagers. This is also done for the purposes of making the units they would have won in the previous bets. Chasing losses is dangerous in any form of betting because it always leads to more losses.
For example, if a punter has wagered $100 on Team Y at odds of 1.92 to win $192, if the bet is lost, the punter will have lost $100. If a punter wants to recover the losses in order to make $200, the punter will either have to place a bet of $100 on odds of 2.00 to win back their initial $100 or wager using $200 on odds of 1.92 to win back the lost amount plus what they could have won in the previous bet. If it wins, the money will be recovered. But in case of a loss, a punter will have lost $300. This form of womens footy betting is very dangerous and the amounts increase even further if one continues chasing losses in the long run.
This can get scary because the amount of money a punter would have to wager will increase at an exponential rate anytime a punter encounters a loss. The general risks in this case outweigh the benefits. The way punters select womens footy odds can also tell a lot as to weather a punter will chase losses or not. It is recommended that punters should try to select teams that are priced at more than $2.00 in order to break even the first time they bet successfully.