Presently natural supplements are getting more and more popularity. But, distinguishing between the super quality products and inferior quality products is a tough task. In this regard Niagen is no doubt a good natural supplement which demands unbelievable benefits to the users of this product.

What is Niagen?
Niagen is a natural complement which is produced by Chroma Dex. This supplement is sole commercially with the available form of Nicotinamide riboside shortly NR. This product is licensed to the 3rd party agencies and sold in the market. That’s why this supplement is available with different packaging online, but you need not to be worried because all are the same product.
You have to know why Niagen is different from other supplements available on the market. Niagen includes Nicotinamide Riboside which is known as NR. NR is such a metabolite which acts to enhance the communication within the cells for the improvement of entire health condition. NR has sufficient anti-aging benefits and for which it is most functioning particularly to the youth. In addition to the above Niagen is helpful for improving the health of your brain, metabolism and cardiovascular health, growth of energy as well as endurance of muscle.
Applicable dosage of Niagen:
Generally one capsule of Niagen per day is appropriate for you. You have to consume one capsule at your empty stomach means in the morning after you leave your bed. As this supplement is made naturally hence it does not contain toxins, stimulants and allergens. So, this supplement is a pure and ideal substance to provide maximum effects. NR is the forerunner to the NAD+ which performs for better mitochondrial health and makes links within your different cells.

Every Niagen capsule contains 250mg. NR and it is the main ingredient of the capsule. Though Niagen has lots of benefits, but it has some side effects also. If you go through the review online then you will find out different positive and negative remarks of the users for this supplement.