In 2015, two friends, Adam and Landon, had a vision: they had spent several years struggling to make their way into the competitive stock market. Its main limitation had been to have sufficient knowledge to identify value stocks with growth potential within a reasonable time. They had found a gap in the sector to provide investors with tools and strategies that allowed them to grow effectively by using the resources provided by the Internet. From that combination of ideas arose The Stock Market Guys, a knowledge base to promote the development of value stock with broad perspectives of growth.

We have a specific goal in mind: to make the process of making profits not extremely difficult. The information that is available today on the Internet is contaminated with irrelevant topics, but our website is the way to avoid wasting time with the irrelevant material. Our strategy is to indicate which businesses you should invest in today’s prices to obtain considerable future profits.
Our strength is investments in the US territory but we know no limits when it comes to investing. If your interest is to invest in the small or medium industry in Africa or in the telephony sector in Central Asia we are ready to serve you. Our scope of action is global and includes diversified actions to identify the best investments.
Our experience and knowledge distinguish us. During the course of our experience, we have applied learning and the application of knowledge to develop our own algorithm that is our secret ingredient to obtain the best value stock investment results. Now instead of wasting hours and hours trying to inquire about undervalued investments, we are able to guide our subscribers directly to them.
We believe that all investors have something to learn but also something to contribute. That is why we have solutions for those who have a small capital and who represent a conglomerate of investors with many thousands of dollars available. We serve clients from the US $ 10 million to the investor who starts with a modest initial capital.