People now in the 21st century live in the world of extreme pressure and tense situations arising from different aspects of the day’s task and due to many reasons that are unknown to a much unknown extent itself. People in the race, rat race are moving in the direction to make their lives much happier than before by affording different means of happiness. In the present day’s happiness is shared by the means that are not conventional, but are money driven. In fact it is often considered that money is the basic element to have happiness around you and your family. But when it is compared to the world of before where human happiness used to be derived out of the social services and the brotherhood feeling, it is considered that world is on the wrong end.

But this does not seem to bother the modern business units in the market who always tend to earn more out of the market segment in order to maximise the profit. Some business lines have also been formed in the view of providing services to the customers that are entertaining, rather keep them entertained in the hectic schedule of the day. Just taking a look at the entertainment providing business line of Android TV box where people are allowed to make something out of the day for themselves in a dissimilar manner of fun and joy. The android boxes allow the user to view the world in a television box at easy reach and of course at affordable costs. The exhausted person just have to connect the android box to his gadget and gain access to millions of entertaining ways coming out of nowhere other than just a box. Therefore, it is alp happiness for people in the modern days that is a whole new concept.