Drug addiction poses a serious threat to the well-being of a person as well as to the entire society around him. Nowadays, 5 panel drug test are conducted to keep an effective check on the drug abuse among youngsters, students, employees, workers, etc. The multi panel drug testing is an effective method as it can provide you with quick and reliable results which are suitable for on-site testing and uses the saliva or urine samples of the subject for testing.

Some of the advantages of drug test 5 panel
Drug test 5 panel is a very effective form of testing ducks with the help of multiple drug testing kits which can be used almost anywhere.
They have the following benefits which are as follows:
• They can be used for checking and testing multiple drugs from a single sample at once. Therefore, this test saves a lot of time and immediately shows the results in less than five minutes. Some drugs present in any combination in the test sample can be detected the help of these kits. These tests are easy to perform without the need of any types of equipment or professional help.
• These tests are cost-effective because several drugs can be tested at once the first attempt using a single sample only. They are very beneficial for on-site testing and provide you the results within five minutes.
• They are simple and easy to use, and the accuracy level of these tests is quite high and yield similar results when done at the laboratory.
• They are very helpful in the workplace because the tests are FDA approved.
The 5 panel drug test very easy to use and is tamperproof because a temperature strip maintains the integrity of the sample. 5 panel drug tests are conducted to find out drug abuse by an individual. The commonly used trucks are marijuana, cocaine, opiates,