Purchasing NEO (NEO)

For people just getting into Neo, this is some very valuable information and will make it possible for you to get the absolute most out of your investments!
For information on how to mine (NEO), read our additional post onmining NEO.
Begin buying Neo from Neo wallet tutorial.
Holding Neo is very similar to being a shareholder. You, as a holder, possess the capability to vote/dictate the way the Neo platform is organized in used. For this reason Neo is a people blockchain! Together with our votes we get to set that are complete nodes in addition to eliminate full nodes we don’t like. With this capacity, Neo holders get to set up the transaction fees related to implementing smart contracts.

Gas is used to cover those fees and therefore are more useful for programmers. Gas is going to be the money used to cover the transaction fees (when there’s a trade fee implemented) so it’s the divisible coin.
Neo = shareholders, running the platform, placing trade fees, making gas Gas = paying transaction fees
Now for that will hold more value.. In my view it’ll be Neo. High Gas costs is restricting for programmers
Additionally, Neo is divisible on exchanges since exchanges will continue to keep those tiny decimal amounts while people ship Neo outside, and eventually those decimals will add up to a lot for them to sell. When you have a look on the blockchain utilizing the scanner you will notice that Neo is just in whole numbers on the blockchain.
GAS is a money, but maybe not for the trade of goods or services between parties except for utilizing the platform. It is around ICOs that assemble on NEO to implement currencies/tokens for their endeavors. Correct me, if I am mistaken.