Door stopper at Easy-step door stop

The doorstopper plays an important role in stopping the unwanted swinging of the door. It is the device which holds the door closed or open. Moreover, the door stopper can be thin slat that is built on the door frame and prevents the door from swinging. A door stop can be 90-degree piece of metal that is attached to the door frame and stops the swing of the door and allowing the door to move in a single direction.

There are several the items which can act as a door stopper like a wedge made from rubber, plastic, cotton or other material. The wedges manufactured from these materials are easily available. The wedge is placed in the position and then due to friction between the door and wedge, door movement is restricted. With so many options available to stop your door from shutting down unwantedly, easy step door stop is here to provide the well-featured door stopper. This door stopper has the following properties:

• All you need to do it just push it down and it will automatically get locked in one place.
• To close it, you only need to step on the release pedal. This renders you stop bending and do things manually unlike other door stoppers.
• This doorstop consists of the sturdy spring mechanism which easily releases the action in need.
• This base of the doorstop is made up of hard rubber and doesn’t need replacement.
• The height of the rubber foot is easily adjustable. Therefore, you can fit it to the door of different heights and stop worrying about adjusting the height.
• This door stopper come in four different finished namely Satin Nickel, Antique Bronze, Brass, and Chrome.

This door stopper fulfills you all need and assure you that the door never gets shut by a blow. To set up this door stop at your door, you will get a template which will guide you to install it properly.