Reading on different people’s suggestions and after experiment the game for several days, I chose to sum-up my knowledge and do a quick guide on the summoners war cheats to play the game. First and foremost, this guide is especially for those who do not spend a minimal sum or any cash on the game. In the event that you are a big spender, parts of the guide will continue to be helpful.
The point of this place is to provide a new player of Summoners War a summary of most of the early content and some advice for getting started and what “free to play” 2 or 3 star creatures to watch out for and save for future teams.

I am certain I Will go into greater detail on several sections in future posts. When you see how long this thing that is silly is, you will realize why I only scratch the surface on certain subject.
Summoners War is a game I love an excellent deal. It’s a whole lot of distinct possible targets, content and types of play, and it is one of the games you can play on multiple mobile devices by creating a Com2Us or Facebook account.
That last touch is essential to me. While traveling I play on the go on my phone, but at home I enjoy playing on the bigger display of a tablet PC. Summoners War enables me to play with my one account hot swappable between devices by logging in to the new apparatus. Personally, I have done Com2Us account, Facebook and it both ways, and recently I favor the password entry of the account that was Com2Us. Some places have Facebook therefore it is simply easier.
What I am planning to talk about below would be the things I wish I had been clued by a buddy in on the primary couple of weeks.
The tutorial leads you through getting four sections of game content, when you initially begin the game;
1) The PvP place called the Arena. This can be a 4 creature vs 4 creature fight, one stage. 4 of your creatures throws in a stationary defense create with a person. Success brings increased status and Magnificence Points DEVILMON in the shop and it is possible to utilize to get creature summoning scrolls, buildings and building upgrades.
2) The chief PvE game map of progression called Scenarios, where you make use of a team of 4 of your creature’s vs. three tides of AI controlled creatures. It’s possible for you to use one of Summoners war cheats to help you in this mode.