The Reverse engineering (Käänteinen suunnittelu) software can be used to make complete CAD (Computer Aided Designs) models straight in the scanned data. There are various reverse engineering software available which ease the users to create complex parametric models in the scanned data without difficulty. This software has a pair of included programs designed specifically to address the special requirements of reverse technology, ensuring that the final redesigned model is constructed within user-defined requirements. This software comprise:-

Rapidform XOR2 it’s used for designing parametric CAD models from 3D (Dimensional) scanning data. It’s used to make fully editable strong & surface models directly from 3D scanning data. This scanned data may be started in SolidWorks, Pro/E and Unigraphics NX with full feature tree data intact (using CATIA V5 ports on the road). Rapidform XOR2 also offers fast auto-surfacing for converting polygon mesh models into NURBS surface models.
Geomagic Studio 10 It supplies the businesses easiest and most intuitive interface to create NURBS (Non-uniform logical B-spline) models in the scanned data. The benefit of utilizing the software is that it creates CAD data of free form shapes and non refundable models. Additionally, it gives rapid conversion of scanned data to CAD. It’s versatile in character and can be user friendly.
Metris Focus It enables the artists to convert the scanned physical models to CAD models & digital forms. It supplies real time upgrade of net, surfaces or curves while modification is finished. Additionally, it has advance attribute detection tools. It supplies the development of curves across the lost data.
The benefits of the Käänteinen suunnittelu Software may be obtained to supply exceptionally completed design models.
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