Let’s take an example from previous incident that 7000 fake Rolex watches were destroyed using a steamroller. These Rolex replica watches, if they were real, they would have been worth millions, were confiscated as part of fake goods. Binh Cam Tran, the maker of those fake Rolex watches, was sentenced to 6 years in federal prison.

He made hundreds of thousands of fake Rolex watches in a Philadelphia factory. Rolex Co caused him to pay $2,273,000.

ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) special agent, John Kelleghan, said that criminals and organizations who stole Intellectual Property Rights will be held accountable.

Kelleghan also that counterfeit goods were tagged heavily and caused U.S. industries billions of dollars in losses each year, we intended to stamp out the need for seizures like this one in the future.

A spokesperson for Rolex added that the destruction of the counterfeit contraband watches today followed years of investigation and prosecution of this kingpin of the counterfeiting industry, the existence of counterfeit products harmed global trade in general and can produce goods that harm the health and safety of the consuming public.

The Fakes Watches Are Illegal
Not many people know why are fakes watches illegal? The problem is with the FHH’s campaign of the message above “Fake Watches Are for Fake People”. The message totally inclines what is wrong with the fake watches. Fake watches are a bad decision if someone wants to buy a watch. They are unlawful and make the owner of a fake watch feel suffering a financial loss.

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