What’s a cheats?
A cheats is when a game occasion is poorly interpreted by the engine of a game that is normally resulting from dodgy bit of code on the game but nevertheless, additionally, it may result from the games console reading things in the incorrect time or not reading them at all and not running 100%.

Do you know the effects of a cheats?
Although cheats may seem funny they might have critical results…
Final Fantasy XIII for PS3’s publisher Sony happen to be sued due to a cheats (or bug) which freezes your PS3 games console and shuts it down and quit functioning.
Do not worry about anything like that happening to you before you read on the web about it as cheats news travels fast though as there is a really low opportunity you will get a cheats like that.
General cheats don’t have any impact on game disc or your games console, the worst you’ll strike is lost/corrupt save-info and a 1 away games console shut down, but it is easy to back up most games consoles now-a-days.
What can I do if I look for a cheats (dangerous or not)?
First thing you need to do is try and contact the game developers via email, phone, web site etc. after, if it is not already understood off, post it on a games forum or news site such as N4G.com and you are bound to get some helpful guidance.
Where might I learn about game cheats that are dangerous?
Most news sites including http://gamingvlog.net/pixel-gun-3d-hack-for-unlimited-resources/ often have news about cheats. In addition they provide an RSS feed to keep up to date with these popular issues. Google.com and Google News would be the best area to learn if there are cheats on your recently bought game. However do not stress as games are checked and upgraded continuously.