Certain types of molds can be identified easily without an expert knowledge or without hiring the mold testing company. Being in Atlanta, you can hire Atlanta mold testing services that can completely inspect your house and examine the type of mold present out there. Here are few ways to identify molds nature based on the texture and appearance

Orange or Red Molds – too often found in moist woods and plants performs the major role in decaying organic matters and they are harmless.
White Molds – Non Toxic by nature.
Black or green Mold – Found in toilets, non toxic by nature but leads to skin allergy, watery eyes, rashes and throat pain
Toxic molds are dangerous and causes Severe Mental and Neurological Problems, Respiratory illness, Vision Eye related problems, Skin allergies Discomfort and tiredness, Illness related to reproductive and circulatory system.
Various stages of Mold Testing
Stage 1: The process of mold inspection begins with taking the samples from the affected area it can be neither from air or surface.
Stage 2: once the sample is taken it’s then inspected by a trained professional he does the job of identifying the kind of mold.
Stage 3:collecting of samples are done by Air Sampling or Bulk sampling or swab samples collected samples are then send to the mold testing laboratory. Mode of sampling is decided by the concern mold inspector based on the situation.
Stage 4: When the above testing and mold inspection process identifies the nature of mold remedying process is initiated which involves removing the molds, prevention and disposal
When the nature of molds identified to be non toxic and if they are found in smaller area(less than 10 square feet) removal process can be done easily and it doesn’t demand trained professionals. Necessary precautions like gloves, gaggles, helmets and outfits have to be worn while performing surface cleaning.
Mold testing services becomes irrelevant when the problem of mold cannot be fixed i.e. either at building roof or if the damage is severe and the occupant wish to go for new building. click here to get more information mold remediation Georgia.