Natural oil
Natural products have been very much useful and it has been proven in the studies. The well-known products are the oil form tea tree. It is the oil which has many of the health benefits. It has many properties and thus it helps to act as the hand sanitizer. Moreover, it also helps to work as the deodorant. Tea tree oil is useful for the minor cuts and also crapes as it can act as the antiseptic. The injuries which are caused can result into the broken skin and it can make easy for the germs to enter the bloodstream. This can lead to infection.

Disinfecting properties
In such case oil of tea tree can acts as useful thing. It can be used for treating and also disinfecting the minor cuts ad also the abrasions. It is ensured that the bacteria which can cause infection in the open wounds are killed by them. You can follow certain steps when you wish to disinfect the cut or scarp. First of all, clean the cut with plain water and soap. Then you need to mix some drops of tea tree oil and mix it with teaspoon of coconut oil. Then you have to apply it to the injury and also cover it with bandage. The process is to be used for two times a day so that no infection is caused.

Oil from tea tree also helps in boosting the healing of wounds. It helps in preventing infection on the abrasions and cuts and also increases the wound healing process. It has been shown that the oil helps in reducing the inflammation and also triggers the white blood cells activity which helps in the healing process. You can add few drops of oil and apply it while dressing is done.