If you would like to know that why should you choose cenegenics then it’s the duty to make you aware about the adverse effects of ageing. During the ageing process in human body, the ability of hearing declines gradually. That is why the children have the capacity to hear high frequency sounds and the teen agers are not able to hear them. The performance graph of the human organisms decline gradually after a certain age that is also due to the effect of ageing.

The management of ageing is a very tough job and a job of immense control over self. The Cenegenics is not all about medicines but also of control on the life style. Now if you won’t follow them you will have to face the different types of adverse impacts resulting due to the ageing process. Wrinkles will appear after the age of 30 due to photo ageing that causes due to the effect of sunlight to the exposed areas of your body. The face is the part of the body that faces most of the photo ageing as it remains exposed mostly to the sunlight.
There are more effects of ageing that the cenegenics is trying to slow down. With ageing, women loss their power of being mothers. Menopause occurs at this time and they face many problems due to that. It starts after the age of 35. The female fertility declines sharply. The men fertility starts declining after the age of 45 to 50.
It is found that at the age of 60–64, osteoarthritis becomes prevalent in most of the human and it rises to 53%. According to a report there is a considerable rate of disabling osteoarthritis at this age. In the age group of 70–79 partial hearing loss starts affecting the life and due to that problem rises in communication to 65%, and that is dominant among the low-income male populations.